Box Beam Production Line

Box Beam Production Line

The production line is mainly made up by CNC multi-head strip cutting machine, U type/ Box type integral assembling machine, cantilever back welding machine, cantilever electric slag-welder, cantilever submerged arc-welding machine, box beam welding machine, cnc face milling machine, edg milling machine, baffle assembling machine,roller table and other complements.


1. Baffle Assembly Machine

This machine is the special equipment to assemble and weld the middle clapboards in Box-beam. It adopts the cylinder compacting to determine the position when assembling, and then weld them by spot. After one face welding finished, turn over the rotation work table for 180 degree by motor. After welding another face,turn the work table to the horizontal level, loose the cylinder and unload the work-piece.


Working table overturning angle


Working table load capacity

1500 kg

Work-piece size

3001200 mm

Clapboard thickness

20-80 mm

Overturning speed


Motor power

0.75 kW

2. U type/ Box type integral assembling machine

This is the special equipment for bottom plate ,web plate and baffle plate of box beam .It is composed of main machine, roller conveyor, centering device, positioning device, hydraulic system and electric control box .

1. The two moving boom have one motor reducer for each, driving the four moving wheel working ,which form double driving system and make sure working stable.

2. It adopts hydraulic system for clamping the work-piece with big clamping force.

3. For the up and down clamping oil cylinder, it adopts floating clamping cylinder, it has the advantage that the force of clamping work-piece won’t delivered to the conveyor, which can avoid the damage of conveyor due to the big clamping force for work-piece.

4. It adopts work-piece centering and positioning device, centering device and positioning device have one group 3pcs for each, staggered installed on the roller conveyor, which can realize the positioning and centering of work-piece.

5. The electric control system is composed of electric control box and operation box. The electric control box install on the platform, two operation boxes install on the two side of column. They are placed separately, which is convenient for operation.




Section size


Length of work-piece


Thickness of work-piece


Max loading capacity


Frame moving speed

4/6 mmin

Hydraulic system pressure

14 MPa

Left-right oil cylinder max working pressure


Up oil cylinder max pressure

30 t

Left-right oil cylinder max stroke

800 mm

Up oil cylinder max stroke

900 mm

Moving motor power


Pump station motor power

11 kw

Roller conveyor motor power(single machine no roller conveyor)

2.2 kw

Roller conveyor conveying speed

9.3 m/min

Above are our standard model, it can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s request.

3.Gantry Type Box Beam Welding Machine

As the special box beam welding auxiliary equipment, the gantry type box beam welding machine is designed with gantry structure, bi-side driving and frequency poleless speed-adjusting. Welding tracking is achieved by the mechanical guide pulley device. The operation on right and left sides is conducted through pneumatic control. To enhance the efficiency of fillet weld, the welding mode is double arc double wire and the wire feeder is separate from arc-guide mechanism. The welding flux protective device is available for the gantry box beam welding machine to avoid welding flux scattering too much. The work piece can be placed with fixed mount. It can also be transported on roller conveyer, which can cooperate with the other equipment to form production line.


Width of Suited Box Beam

Height of Suited Box Beam

Welding Speed

Speed of Returning

Welding Position

Power of Main Engine





Flat Position Welding


4.Cantilever Type Electroslag Welding Machine

Cantilever electro-slag welding machine is the main device in Box-beam welding production line. It is a special machine for welding the seams between baffle plate and bottom plate. There are two kinds of welding types for Box-beam baffle plate electro-slag welding: nozzle melt and wire melt.

1. Users can choose nozzle melt type or wire melt type electro-slag welding according to their requirement.

2. The moving cart is driven by 2 motorized motor via four moving wheels run together with two motors by using gear. This four-wheel driving system can make the machine moving stable.

Two sets of motors drive four wheel axles through the gear to realize the trolley traveling. It composes 4 wheel driving systems, with stable and reliable operation.

3. The stand column has a welded rectangle pipe structure. There’re guide rails on its two sides, so transverse arm can move up and down on it.

4. Transverse arm’s structure is rectangle pipe, which is light and has high rigidity. There is guiding rail on transverse arm, so the tool carriage can move on it horizontally.

5. Welding power: 2 sets of America Lincoln DC-600; or 2 sets of Chengdu Zhenzhong ZH-1250. 


Work-piece size

3001200 mm

Trolley gauge

1000 mm

Moving speed

6 m/min

Moving motor power


Effective welding length


Welding power 2 sets

Including electro-slag welding power, wire feeder, cross trimming mechanism and control box

5.Cantilever Type Back Welding Machine

The backing welding machine is often used before submerged arc welding for box beam. It can avoid high current burning-through the bottom of welding seam. The main manner of backing welding for box beam is single arc single wire. Double arc double wire can also be employed to carry out that welding process. The equipment is mainly composed of lining trolley, welding arm, welding torch mechanical tracking device, pneumatic system, electric control system, welding flux recovering system and gas shielded welding power supply. 

1. The dimension of the column is large, so it makes the overall rigidity structure bigger.

2. The main part of upper beam is square tubes and has light weight rigid good characteristic. The upper beams have guide and rack, so it makes dragging plate and welding beam moving levelly on the beam.

3. Two sets of motors drive four wheel axles through the gear. It composes 4 wheel driving systems, in order to make it stable and reliable operation.

4. The cantilever box beam welding arm has two groups of two welding seam. It can welds two welding lines simultaneously.

5. Users can choose single arc single wire backing welding or double arc double wire welding according to their requirement.


Workpiece size

3001200 mm

Welding speed

0.151.5 m/min

Return speed

3 m/min

Trolley track gauge

1400 mm 

Main machine power

1.4 kW

Air source pressure

0.50.7 MPa

Welding machine assembly

(Double arc double wire

Panasonic welder YD-600KH×4 sets, control box, control cable, and cooling water tank.

6.Cantilever Type Submerged Arc Welding Machine

Cantilever submerged arc welding machine and cantilever back welding machine have the same structure: moving cart, stand column, transverse boom, welding arm, seam tracking device, wire feeding system, and electric control box. Their only difference is the configuration of welding power.

1. Two sets of motors drive four wheel axles through the gear. It composes 4 wheel driving systems, in order to make it stable and reliable operation. On the base of a double-decker frame, you can put welding power on bottom and wire plate or wire tube on top.

2. The stand column’s structure size is big, so it can improve its rigidity. Electric cabinet and operating panel are inside the stand column. Operators can control it on cart.

3. Main body of upper beam is square pipe, which is light and has high rigidity. There are guiding rail and rack on upper beam. It makes tool carriage and transverse arm moving horizontally on the beam.

4. The welding power can be single arc single wire or double arc double wire:

1) Single arc single wire can use Zhouxiang ZX5-1000 submerged arc welding power or America Lincoln DC-1000 submerged arc welding power;

2) Double arc double wire usually uses America Lincoln DC-1000(direct-current), AC-1200 (alternating current) submerged arc welding power.


Suitable work-piece size


Welding speed


Feed and feed-back speed




Gas pressure


7. CNC Face Milling Machine

The face milling machine consists of milling and cutting head, lifting upright column, work table. machine body, mechanical feedding system, electrical control system, rail protection device,tools,etc. The machine is used to weld or roll the shaped H type steel or mill two end faces of Box type steel. It features easy operation, simple structure, quick adjustment and so on as one of necessary equipments of welding shaped steel  professional manufacturer.



Technical parameter



Horizontal stroke (mm)



Horizontal feed speed (mm/min)


Horizontal backward speed (mm/min)


Horizontal feed motor power (kw)

P=3Kw/4Kw; 9601500rpm

Elevating stroke (mm)



Vertical feed speed (mm/min)


Vertical feed motor power (kw)

P=1.5kW; 1400rpm

Milling head main shaft turning speed (r/min)


Milling motor power (kw)


Main shaft expansion capacity (mm)


Milling knife diameter (mm)


 Note: other model according to contract.

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