H Beam Welding Machine

 This automatic welding machine is mainly used for submerged arc welding of assembled H beam, the working principle is as following:<br> 1. One H-beam steel placed on workpiece support frame with 45°, which is suitable for boat welding.<br> 2. Gantry welding machine walks on rails at adjusted welding speed.<br> 3. Use SAW welding to weld two seam.<br> 4. Arc-guide frame automatic seam tracking.<br> 5. Flux automatic feed and recovery system.<br>






Rail gauge                


Web height                


Flange width                


Work-piece length                

4000~15000mm or as user's request                

Model of welding machine                

Two sets of ZX5-1000 automatic submerged arc welding machine

Welding type                

Boat-type welding                

Welding speed                


Returning speed                


Overall power                


Above are our standard model, it can be designed and manufactured according to customer's request.                 

The frame structure of gantry consists of walking beam, column and upper
platform. Gantry adopts square pine and channel steel structure, process
stress relieving, with strong and stable structure.

Each of walking beams is driven by a motor reducer, forming a double-
drive system, which makes the operation smooth and reliable.

The moving of gantry is frequency speed adjust controlled, the welding
speed can be adjusted according to welding technology requirement.

The electric control system consists of one electric control box and two
operation panels. The electric control box is equipped on a walking beam,
while the 2 operation panels are fixed on the front of upper platform.
They are placed separately, which is convenient for operation.

Cantilever type automatic welding machine.The gantry welding machine can
weld back and forth to improve the work efficiency. According to the user
needs to increase the height of the web.

Control panel: Digital display line speed,
high reliability, The welding arm and the
door frame separate control, simple and
quick operation.

Various forms of the arc guiding rack,
wide range of applications,By replacing
the guide can weld H-beam,Box girder,
Cross beam.


Welding seam tracking device mounted
below welding arm,automatic tracking
welding seam, the welding torch and
welding seam to keep appropriate distance.
ensure welding quality.

AC-DC submerged arc welding machine,
Synchronous operation,double welded
seam,Firm weld.

The brand of submerged arc welding
power is optional: 2 sets of Zhouxiang
inverter ZX5-1000 SAW power, or 2 sets
of American Lincoln DC-1000 SAW power.


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