H Beam Horizontal Production Line

This is a special automatic h beam production line used to assemble and weld H beam. Compared with normal h beam welding line, it has the advantages of higher productivity and less deformation, and is suitable for producing light H beams. The line is composed of end assembly machine, front welding machine, overturning machine, back welding machine, and their conveying roller. This line can make H beam assembly, welding, overturning and transmission.



Horizontal production line is a special h beam welding line that directly assembles steel plate
into H type steel. Compared with the ordinary H beam line (T type first,H type after), it has the
characteristics of high production efficiency and low welding deformation, and is especially
suitable for the welding production of light type. The production line consists of assembling
machine, front welding machine, overturning machine, end welding machine and input/output
conveyor, can achieve H type steel group, welding, turning, transportation and other work.
H-beam steel horizontal production line can improve the working efficiency and reduce the
operation cost, the efficiency is 1.5 times that of the ordinary steel and the security is better, it
also can adapt to various environments.

Web height            Web thickness            Welding speed            Flange width            Flange thickness            Work-piece length            Work-piece maximum weight            Main machine power            
300-1500mm            3-12mm            0.3-1.9m/min            150-500mm            5-20mm            4000-15000mm            4000kg            13.4KW            

1.When assemble, just needed to do spot welding of H beam end, then can go into the welding
process, welding machine will re-position the three plate, thus increase assemble speed.
2.Work piece is put horizontally (web is horizontal and flange is vertical), and beam will move
during welding, and can weld two seam at the same time to reduce deformation caused by
welding heat.
3.A variety of welding methods,submerged arc welding and gas shielded welding are available.
4.Machine is equipped with Lincoln DC-1000 welders, which used single arc double wire welding
mode, wire diameter is 1.6mm, and welding speed can reach 1200mm/min, the welding seams
are well formed and look beautiful.
5.It is suitable to weld variable cross section H beam ≤8°.
6.This automatic h beam production line is more efficient then traditional ones, so can reduce the
labor intensity, and reduce operator, only need 4~5 operators for normal production.


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