Assembling Welding Straightening H Beam Welding Line

This is a special production line equipment which can make direct assembling, welding, and straightening for the H-beam flange and web plate. It combines the working procedures of assembling machine, gantry welding machine, and straightening machine into one machine, which is equivalent to a h beam welding line. It makes visible higher production efficiency, lower machine cost, and smaller space. Only 2-3 people can operate it.



Web height


Web thickness


Flange width


Flange thickness


Work-piece length

6000~15000mm or as users request

Assembly and welding speed


Main machine power


Roller conveyor motor power


Flux recycling machine motor power


Pump station power


Welding source power


Above are our standard model, it can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s request.

       Various kinds of welding type, it can use single arc single wire welding or single arc double

       wire welding according to users’ requirement; it also can use submerged arc welding or gas 

       shielded welding.

        The flange and web plate centering device is driven by hydraulic motor. Driven by the 

      worm reducer, gear transmission, screw rod and lead screw, the clamping roller can center

      and clamp the flange and web to realize automatic centering.

        Lincoln welder control box,variable frequency and speed adjusting system. 

        Electric control box and operational panel are positioned separately, which is convenient

       for operation.

1.The flange and web plate centering device is driven by hydraulic motor. Driven by the worm reducer, gear 

transmission, screw rod and lead screw, the clamping roller can center and clamp the flange and web to realize 

automatic centering.

2.Firm welding torch fix mechanism is set up separately, it not only can adjust height and horizontal moving 

position, also can adjust the angle of welding torch on two direction, it guarantees the nice seam form.

3.Main transmission part adopt motor reducer for driving, the assembly and welding speed adjust adopts AC 

variable frequency speedadjusting, the speed adjustable range is 0.35—3 m/min.

4.Assistant straightening machine has special designed structure , the two straightening rollers can straighten 

workpiece automatically under the pushing of oil cylinder, straightening mechanism will not block the line of sight 

on seam, it is convenient to see the adjustment of welding torch and seam quality.

5.Assembling machine and assistant straightening machine can be designed and work separately.

6.This h beam welding line adopts centralized lubrication system, it can ensure that the wide distributed lubrication 

points can be lubricated well, and realize the purpose of good lubrication, reducing abrasion and prolong service 

life of the equipment.


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