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Box Beam Assembling Machine

Product Description


Product Introduction:

This machine is a special equipment for U-shaped and box-shaped assembly of box girders, consisting of a host machine, a conveying roller table, a centering device, a positioning device, a hydraulic system, and an electric control system. This machine uses the method of moving the workpiece without moving the host machine to clamp the workpiece in sections, and manually spot weld the clamped workpiece to form it.

The characteristics of this machine are: U-shaped assembly and box shaped assembly are completed on one device, reducing costs and saving layout space.

Technology Parameter:

Maximum bearing capacity 20t
Gantry travel speed 4-6 m/min
Hydraulic system pressure 14 MPa
Maximum working pressure of left and right cylinders 15t
Maximum pressure of upper cylinder 30t
Maximum stroke of left and right oil cylinders 800mm
Maximum stroke of upper cylinder 900mm
Traveling motor power 0.85/1.1kw×2
Oil pump motor power 11kw
Roller table motor power 2.2kw
Roller conveyor speed 9.3m/min

Company Profile

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