The Difference Between Ordinary & CNC Face Milling

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The Difference Between Ordinary & CNC Face Milling

Applications Of Face Milling

Face milling machine

The end face milling machine is used for milling the end face of welded or rolled h-beam steel or box beam, and can also be used for processing the side of h-beam steel or box beam and cylinder. The face milling machine system is mainly composed of the face milling machine host and hydraulic worktable.

The Difference Between Ordinary Type & CNC Type

Ordinary face milling requires manual adjustment of the motion trajectory, which is only suitable for milling rectangular workpieces. The CNC face milling adopts GSK980TDI, a new generation CNC system of guangzhou CNC. Based on the GSK-Link industrial field bus, it is equipped with a bus-type servo drive unit and a servo motor with a multi-turn 17-bit absolute encoder as standard, realizing a 0.1um-level high precision positioning. Whether it is a rectangle, a circle, or an ellipse, it can meet the production needs of manufacturers

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