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  • Take you to understand the characteristics of several common steel


    H-shaped steel is an economical cross-section steel optimized and developed from I-shaped steel with better cross-section mechanical properties. It is named because its cross-section is the same as the English letter "H". H-shaped steel is divided into wide flange steel (HW), mid-flange H-shaped ste Read More

  • 2020 national steel structure development summit comes to a successful conclusion


    On July 30, the "2020 AI layout, new infrastructure, new space, green intelligent building and the 11th National Steel Structure Development Summit" sponsored by Guolian and steel structure industrial network and undertaken by Wuxi Zhouxiang complete welding equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully held Read More

  • Zhouxiang first sales working conference in 2020


    In the face of severe market situation and the impact of the epidemic situation, the company held the first sales working conference in 2020 on February 21. For the whole year's work, our goal remains unchanged, the task remains unchanged, and the momentum is not loose. We should not only resolutely Read More

  • Prevention and control of epidemic situation, welcome back to work


    After the company's resumption of work and the unremitting efforts of the members of the epidemic prevention and control team, the company received the notice of resumption of work from the prevention and control emergency headquarters of Donggang Town on February 10, and Zhouxiang enterprise was li Read More

  • Summary of common faults and treatment methods of shot blasting machine


    Since shot blasting machine is a fragile equipment, it presents various problems during daily use. The following summarizes the prone problems and their solutions. Read More

  • Ending 2019, planning 2020


    On December 28, 2019, Zhouxiang's 2019 annual sales summary meeting was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the company's office building. The theme of the conference was "Closing Official 2019, Planning 2020". Chairman Xu Huizhong, General Manager Xu Dan and all sales staff of Zhou Xi Read More

  • Appreciation of prefabricated buildings


    Ranwuhu, located in Tibet, which is known as the roof of the world, is the largest lake in eastern Tibet. The lake of Ran Wu lake is a meadow with meadow grass. It is picturesque with the blue lake and snow capped peaks. Ran Wu lake La village is the best stopping place for self driving tourists to Read More

  • Welcome to 2019 Spring Carton Fair


    ZhouXiang appeared at the Canton Fair with their latest products——PHJ 0815,ZXL-FC1250-1000W Read More

  • How is the steel structure made?


    How is the steel structure made?Structural steel is a structural component used for bearing in buildings, steel structures such as columns, beams and girders are processed before transport to the site for erection. The process of steel structure ensure the accuracy and quality of the structure to pr Read More

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