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  • How to control welding defomation of H beam


    In the construction of steel structure engineering, the welding deformation directly affects the installation and function. Because of the additional bending moment and secondary stress produced during bearing, the service performance of steel structure engineering is indirectly affected, so the con Read More

  • How to choose “H beam flange straightening machine”


    H beam flange striaghtening machine is specially used for straightening the deformed flange plate after welding. Zhouxiang have several models for different applications. Following information will help for choosing a right model for you:1. Mechanical typeTwo straighten wheels will press the fla Read More

  • Good news! Zhouxiang won the title of "little giant" enterprise specialized in Jiangsu Province in 2021


    On March 3, 2022, the enabling Action Conference of specialized and special new enterprises in Xishan District was held at the Radisson Select Hotel in Wuxi. Supporting the high-quality development of specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting more small and medium-sized en Read More

  • High speed CNC cutting machine using and maintenance


    The demand for H beam production line in modern architecture is huge, CNC cutting machine is one of the essential cutting and blanking equipment. It can use oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, and strip cutting. Read More

  • Operation method of CNC drilling machine


    CNC drilling machine is developed with advanced technology by our companu, it is a main part of H beam production line and Box beam production line, used for drilling the screw holes on beam connecting plate with high productivity and precision. Following is our summary of the operation methods of C Read More

  • Advantages of H beam assembly welding straightening integral machine


    The H beam assembly welding straightening integral machine (also called 3 in 1 machine or integral machine) is the latest popular H beam production line currently. It combines the function of H beam assembly machine, H beam welding machine, and H beam straightening machine.Advantages of this machine Read More

  • Welding Rotator


    In the welding production process of the special vehicle, the tank body welding is inseparable from the use of the welding rotator. Before starting the operation, the staff are generally required to be familiar with the basic structure and performance of the welding rotator in order to ensure the pr Read More

  • The 31st anniversary of Zhouxiang


    2021 is the 31st anniversary of Zhouxiang We always keep up with the pace of the times Meet difficulties and keep climbing This is a big family full of passion and warmth In this big family, you just rush forward Nothing is impossible Looking back on the footprints of the company in the past 31 year Read More

  • How to match the flux and wire for submerged arc welding?


    The welding process performance and chemical metallurgical performance of the flux is one of the main factors that determine the chemical composition and performance of the weld metal. Using the same welding wire and the same welding parameters, but the matching flux is different, the performance of Read More

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