CNC Plate Drilling Machine
ZPZ series CNC drilling machine, widely used in steel structure construction, is suitable for the components hole-drilling procedure. If the number of the common contact plate bulk is large, the adoption of the machine can reduce manual labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and guarantee the machining accuracy of the work-piece
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Product Description


Technology Parameter:

Max. drilling diameter (mm)φ50φ60
Max.dimension of workpiece (mm)1600×1000×802000×1500×80
Rotary speed of main shaft130-400r/min, stepless and adjustable
Oil-cylinder used for clamping working table12 cylinders
Work-piece clamping wayhydraulic
Main shaft feeding waylead screw
Total power10kW12kW
Above are our standard model, it can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s request.

Technical Features:

1. High production efficiency: There are two movable worktables. When one table is drilling, the other can handle parts (load or unload) at the same time, so the machine can do non-stop drilling; with four processing point it can load at the same time 1 ~ 4 parts for processing; 12 movable hydraulic clamps were equipped inside the worktables, which can quickly and conveniently load and unload parts; drilling head’s 12m/min rapid positioning; the spindle head adopts 3 different lengths quick-change drill chuck, which can be chosen by the drill length and thickness.

2. High precision machining: X/Y-axis is driven by AC servo motor ball screw driving system; power head and worktable are moving in a straight line rolling guide.

3. It adopts Guangzhou CNC GSK980MDc drilling system. This system has powerful function and can control 5 feeding axis with high control precision. Also equipped with Guangzhou CNC GS2000T series servo driving unit, Guangzhou CNC 110SJT servo motor with stable running and high precision position control.

4. Safe, reliable: when a table is loading and unloading the work-piece, the power head will not move to this area; numerical control system, electrical actuators, hydraulic components use brand-name imported parts.

5. It is equipped with automatic chip cleaner, cutting fluid adding automatically, also equipped with gas gun which can realize dust pneumatic blowing.

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