H Beam Flange Straightening Machine
H-Beam Flange Straightening Machine is specialized to deform welded H-beam, including mechanical type and hydraulic type.
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Product Description


Technical Parameter

Flange width150~600mm200~800mm
Flange thickness≤20mm≤40mm
Minimum web height160mm350mm
Material of plateQ235-AQ235-A
Straightening speed8.5m/min18m/min
Power of overall machine6.6kW24.2kW

Equipment Advantages

  1. The mainframe of H beam flange straightening machine is integral frame structure with stress relief, it is processed and shaped in one step by CNC floor type boring and milling machine, with the advantages of compact structure, strong strength and enough rigidity.

  2. The main cylinder adopts high quality sealing ring with good sealing performance, which can ensure long service time. There’s fine filter equipped on the pump station which can ensure electromagnetic valve is more reliable for long-term use.

  3. There’s dial for all the adjusting motion which can ensure convenience and accuracy.

  4. The straightening roller adopts shaft box structure, so it have big loading capacity. There have hydraulic cylinder in shaft box, it can adjust thedistance of two upper straightening rollers, which is stable and reliable.

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