H Beam Hydraulic Straightening Machine
Hydraulic straightening machine, full name is H-beam flange hydraulic straightening machine, is mainly used for rectifying the deformed flange. This equipment mainly consists of cycloid reducer, column gear reducer, universal coupling, rack, down straightening roll device, upper straightening roll device, web plate fastening device, conveying roller, hydraulic system and electrical control system etc.
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Product Description

h beam hydraulic straightening machine

Technical Parameter

Flange width200~800mm200~1000mm200~1000mm200-800mm
Flange thickness≤60mm≤80mm≤60mm≤40mm
Minimum web height350mm350mm350mm350mm
Material of plateQ345(16Mn)Q345(16Mn)Q345(16Mn)Q345(16Mn)
Straightening speed6.15m/min6.1m/min6.3m/min9.8m/min
Total Power37kW22kW27.5kW20.5kw
Above are our standard model, it can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s request.

Equipment Advantages

1.The mainframe is integral frame structure with stress relief, it is processed and shaped in one step by CNC floor type boring and milling machine, with the advantages of compact structure, strong strength and enough rigidity.

2.The main cylinder adopts high quality sealing ring with good sealing performance, which can ensure long service time. Theres fine filter equipped on the pump station which can ensure electromagnetic valve is more reliable for long-term use.

3.Theres dial for all the adjusting motion which can ensure convenience and accuracy.

4.The straightening roller adopts shaft box structure, so it have big loading capacity. There have hydraulic cylinder in shaft box, it can adjust the distance of two upper straightening rollers, which is stable and reliable.

Product Details

1.cylindrical gear reducer using the carburizing and quenching,gear grinding Carrying capacity increased by more than four times,small volume,light weight,low noise,efficient,high reliability.

h beam hydraulic straightening machine_02.jpg

2.The roller using 40Cr and 35CrMo material,By the whole forging,A one-time processing molding,Surface high frequency quenching, quenching hardness is HRC50-55,To ensure that its long-term use will not produce cracks and other defects.

h beam hydraulic straightening machine_03.jpg

3.Electrical control system and separated from the host,easy to operate

h beam hydraulic straightening machine_04.jpg

4.Hydraulic pump station is as a peripheral independent system, which adopts the Ningbo Chuangli brand.

h beam hydraulic straightening machine_05.jpg


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