Zhouxiang always think what the customers thinking,do what the customers urgently want

We planed to attend the exhibition in Vietnam in 2016. A local agent bought a lot of cnc plasma cutting machines from us, and some of his customers were interested in our fiber laser cutting machine. After discussing, we decided to display this laser cutting machine in this exhibition. The agent also informed relevant customers to come to our stand for inspecting Zhouxiang equipment.

This fiber laser cutting machine was delivered to Vietnam as our plan. But we found that the cutting torch was damaged during the transportation when we started commissioning on stand, so that the machine can’t cutting due to the broken torch. Since the local agent informed a lot of customers come to visit our stand, if this laser cutting machine can’t run normally, it will influence our credibility seriously. For this urgent condition, we asked our factory to send the new torch to Vietnam by express. However, it required a series of operations like customs declaration and needed at least three days. It can’t catch up with the exhibition on the day after tomorrow.

At this time, one of our engineers had finished his installation and commissioning in Japan, and he was on the flight back to China. Someone advised that we can send one person to Shanghai airport with the new cutting torch. When the engineer arrived, he can take the torch and ask the passengers who are on theVietnam flight to help us carry the torch to Vietnam. Thus, we arranged our driver send the torch to airport immediately. After our engineer got the torch, he found the passengers on Vietnam flight and asked them to see if anyone of them can help us to take the torch to Vietnam. However, all of these passengers refused after our engineer begging most of them. Our engineer felt so depressed, but he also understood them for this.

Finally, our engineer had to book the flight to Vietnam by himself. But unfortunately, this flight was canceled due to the bad weather. He felt so anxious because he was not sure if he can send the torch to exhibition on time. With the feelings of anxiety, he finally took the plane toVietnam after waiting 18 hours on the airport.


The exhibition was just beginning when the engineer arrived the exhibition site. Our laser cutting machine had attracted some customers on our stand, and the local agent also brought his important customers there. Now the question was if we replace the broken torch with the new one directly, we were not sure if the machine can run properly without the commissioning in advance. But if we don’t replace it, the machine can’t run properly, which will raise the dissatisfaction of local agent and customers. However this laser cutting machine had been debugged in domestic factory and we also conducted preliminary commissioning when we prepared the exhibition,  our professional technicians were at site, then we decided to replace the torch. Finally, this laser cutting machine can run and cut properly. And it was ordered by one of theVietnam customers successfully by the efforts of local agent and our technician.