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  • Welding Process To Reduce Welding Distortion


    Methods to prevent and reduce welding distortion must consider welding process design and overcome changes in hot and cold cycles during welding. Shrinkage cannot be eliminated, but it can be controlled. The ways to reduce shrinkage deformation are as follows. 1. Do not over-solderThe more metal fil Read More

  • Why Do Welds Crack?


    We are often amazed by the beauty of welds, but we have to accept the reality that such beautiful welds can fail to pass inspection? This is a headache for engineers. Why are there cracks in the welds? How are they produced? How to avoid it?What are welding cracks? Welding cracks are the most common Read More

  • Germany Station! A Close-Up Look At The 2023 Essen Welding And Cutting Exhibition


    VSCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023The Welding and Cutting Exhibition in Essen, Germany is the world's leading event in the welding and cutting industry for quality control. It showcases a welding field full of innovation and vitality and can reflect the current status and development trends of internation Read More

  • Summary Of The Top Ten Faults Of Cnc Plasma Cutting Machines And Their Solutions


    During the working process of the plasma cutting machine, various problems sometimes occur. We have summarized the top ten causes of failure of the CNC plasma cutting machine in daily production for reference. 1fault onePhenomenon explanation: After turning on the "power switch" of the plasma cuttin Read More

  • [Exhibition Preview] Zhouxiang Will Make A Grand Appearance At The Essen Exhibition In Germany


    INVITATIONSCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023The exhibition will be held at the Essen Convention and Exhibition Center in GermanyWe sincerely invite domestic and foreign friends to visit our booth2023.9.11-9.15Booth No:Hall 4,4G19Address:Messeplatz 1,45131 Essen Read More

  • Development Status And Development Trend Of Prefabricated Steel Structure Housing


    My country's "the fourteenth five-year plan for national economic and social development and the outline of long-term goals in 2035" proposes to develop prefabricated buildings and steel structure houses. The ministry of housing and urban-rural development clearly promotes prefabricated steel struct Read More

  • [Earthquake Resistance] Steel Structure Prefabricated Buildings Are "Better Able To Carry"


    Steel Structure Assembly BuildingEvery year, there are countless construction accidents and casualties and economic losses caused by earthquakes in every country. Earthquake resistance is to take precautions when earthquakes are unpredictable, so that engineering construction can reduce or even avoi Read More

  • 【Live Online】Zhouxiang 2023VME·Vietnam Exhibition


    VME2023 Vietnam ExhibitionOn August 9, 2023, Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME for short) is the annual flagship exhibition of Vietnam Industry 4.0. As a manufacturer of intelligent welding and cutting equipment, Zhouxiang brought automation solutions for the steel structure industry to this exhibitio Read More

  • What Does Welding Quality Control Rely On?


    With the rapid development of modern welding technology, the continuous improvement of welding production level and the increasing international trade of welding products, in order to ensure the quality of welding products, effectively use resources, and protect the interests of users, the quality m Read More

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