One customer from Middle-East needed the laser machine

When I first worked in Zhouxiang Company in the year of 2016, one customer from Middle-East needed the laser cutting machine. After his investigation for several suppliers, our company got his approval in the first step. This customer was very strict on products quality, but at that time they only had small budget. We finally got this order with the effort of the sales and technician.

After that, this customer asked us to help them buy one crushing machine due to his trust to Zhouxiang Company. We found 3~5 suppliers and accompanied the customer to visit them. He was always emphasizing “high quality” for the products, with prudent and responsible attitude, we recommended a factory with high quality and rich experience in this field. However, this supplier's price was beyond the budget of customers, and finally they chose a supplier with low price. But after the machine was delivered to the customer's factory, he thought that the product quality was nowhere near as they expected and influenced their producing efficiency and product quality. And this dissatisfaction to this supplier became questioning the quality of Chinese manufacturing later. Actually, we had suggested the supplier with better quality for him, but he didn’t take our advice because of the budget.

In the several years later, he has little contact with us. Every time we contacted him, he always showed upset for those machines and told us that he should follow our advice. In 201, he contacted us and asked us to help them buy some welding machines in China. When we found a good supplier for him, he refused to cooperate with them because of their higher price. And he bought the machines from a small factory. But then they had the problems like inspection unsatisfied, delivery time delayed.  In this case, the customer realized that  Zhouxiang company has been always focusing on the quality, and we always recommended a high-quality product to him. Even the equipment they bought from us in 2016, are still running well with reliable quality. He told us that he regretted not learned the lessons before and only pay attention to low prices, which caused a lot of unnecessary trouble. With our help, he solved the dispute with that small companies. Subsequently, he needs to purchase  H beam machines, he had consulted and compared several other suppliers for the machine, eventually he felt that machine from Zhouxiang is more reliable and decided to cooperate with us. Based on the trust in our products, he also plans to do some market research as our agent and sell Zhouxiang high-quality products to more regions and countries.