[Ambition - Casting Brilliance Together] The 2022 Annual Commendation Meeting Of Zhou Xiang

In order to further summarize the experience

commend the advanced, and inspire the energy

on the afternoon of February 4

Zhouxiang held the 2022 annual summary commendation meeting

the company chairman Xu Huizhong

general manager Xu Dan

and all employees to participate in the meeting.

General manager's speech



General manager Xu Dan delivered an opening speech, first of all, he thanked all the staff for their hard work in 2022. In the past year, facing the severe and complicated external situation and the changing new crown epidemic, we joined hands to fight the epidemic, stabilize the production and keep the orders to provide strong support for the development of Zhou Xiang.

Summing up the past deficiencies and looking at the future situation, in 2023, the company increases the automation transformation of existing equipment. In the era of intelligent and digital manufacturing, we need to listen to the needs of customers, improve product quality, and meet the new needs of customers through continuous technical updates to ensure the healthy development of the enterprise. We need to firmly grasp the present moment, cherish every minute, work together and forge ahead, and believe that under the practical work of all of us, Zhouxiang will definitely continue to be brilliant and create great achievements!

Production Department Representative Speech


Minister You of the Production Department has put forward higher requirements for the company's production, specifically in the following four aspects: product output, product quality, safety production, 6S management, etc. will be further improved. Safety is above everything and responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. We hope that every employee will do their job in daily work with strict standards and high requirements, with confidence and determination, not afraid of hardship and fatigue, and resolutely carry out 6S work to the end! Shape every part with heart, and work with heart to shape the good brand of Zhouxiang.

Advanced awards and testimonials



The remarkable achievements in 2022 have coalesced the efforts and sweat of the staff, during which a number of advanced models with love and dedication to work and outstanding performance emerged. According to the company's selection criteria, a total of 24 advanced individuals, 2 advanced collectives, 6 advanced teams, 2 production innovators, 3 sales elites, 1 sales champion team and 4 sales 100-day sprint award winners were awarded. We hope that all employees will take the advanced as an example, make further efforts and create brilliance together!


The engine of high quality development in 2023 has been pulled, and the clarion call has been blown, so let's take the spirit of "not delaying and not slacking off" and the competitive state of "climbing bravely and always striving for the first", stride forward and forge ahead to fully complete the tasks and goals in 2023!


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