[Earthquake Resistance] Steel Structure Prefabricated Buildings Are "Better Able To Carry"

Steel Structure Assembly Building

Every year, there are countless construction accidents and casualties and economic losses caused by earthquakes in every country. Earthquake resistance is to take precautions when earthquakes are unpredictable, so that engineering construction can reduce or even avoid earthquake disasters when encountering real accidental disasters.

For countries and regions in the earthquake zone, the prevailing masonry structure buildings are obviously inappropriate, so will the prevailing light steel structure buildings be more earthquake-resistant than masonry structures? The answer is yes!


The light steel structure has good ductility, which can offset the energy consumption of seismic waves. The strength of steel is far stronger than that of masonry and concrete, but its density is only about three times that of concrete. The self-weight is lighter, which also leads to less seismic energy and less collapse of the building structure during an earthquake. Therefore, in general, light steel structure buildings have the best seismic performance and have more significant after-earthquake performance. survival advantage.


At present, my country's steel structures are mainly used in large public buildings, such as stadiums, airports, stations, theaters, etc.; low-rise industrial buildings, mainly light steel workshops; and a small number of high-end high-rise office buildings and hotels. While the seismic performance is excellent, steel structure buildings also have a broad market demand and significant scalability. As the main force of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", fabricated steel structures have broad prospects for future development.


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