[Secondary Processing Equipment] Multi-Profile Cutting Machine


Multi-Profile Cutting Machine

As a special processing equipment for finished profiles, Zhouxiang multi-profile cutting machine is widely used in the steel structure assembly building.

Multi-profile cutting machine can realize automatic profile loading, automatic feeding, automatic cutting and automatic conveying operation. High-end three-dimensional space flexible robotic cutting application realizes bevel cutting function, and the profile and torch adopt positioning function; the cutting machine can realize thermal cutting of H-beam, I-beam, channel and angle steel in any lap form and open hole, and the cutting methods are plasma and flame cutting.

Equipment Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

Cutting TypeH-Beam, Channel, Angle Steel, Etc
Cutting FormFine Plasma And Flame
Effective Cutting Length≤15000MM
Cutting Speed10-3500MM/MIN
Cutting Thickness≤ 20MM
Cutting Length Deviation±1.5MM

* Angle: 100-400MM.

Round pipe diameter:100-600MM.

Square/rectangular pipe: 100-500MM.

H-beam: wing plate 100-300MM, web plate 100-600MM

Control System Functions



The main body of this control system is Japanese Fanuc robot and equipped with offline programming simulation software. It has humanized interactive interface, simple operation, intuitive 3D imaging; dynamic cutting simulation at a glance, breakpoint memory with the original trajectory back and then return to cut function; fault self-diagnosis and operation error intelligent discrimination, automatic alarm display, automatic diagnosis function; rich, expandable macro program call and editing function; Chinese display, human-machine dialogue function. With online and offline programming mode, it can exchange information with the outside through U disk, network, etc., and can input temporary modification manually. The loading and discharging of this equipment and other auxiliary function units are controlled by the PLC of the robot expansion unit, and the robot communicates with each other through the ETHCAT network to exchange status information and operation instructions, which is integrated and highly automated.

Cutting Samples



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