Complete Knowledge On Welding Grooves

What is a welded joint?

The joints connected by welding method are called welded joints, and the welded joints play the role of connecting and transmitting loads in the welded parts.

It consists of weld, heat affected zone and nearby base metal

The weld is also called the melting zone, which is composed of a mixture of molten base metal and welding wire metal.

The transition zone between the weld and the heat-affected zone is called the fusion zone, which is a semi-melted zone. The heat-affected zone is an area affected by arc heat but not melted. It is divided into two parts: superheated heat-affected zone and low-temperature heat-affected zone.

Severe grain growth usually occurs in the overheated heat-affected zone, also known as the coarse-grained heat-affected zone.

What are the types of welded joints?

There are 10 types of welded joints, namely butt joints, lap joints, corner joints, T-joints, end joints, cross joints, sleeve joints, angled butt joints, crimp joints and bottom lock joints

What is a bevel? What is the purpose of making a bevel?

Before welding, the end of the workpiece to be welded is processed into a certain shape, and the groove formed after assembly is called a groove.

The main purpose of beveling is to achieve complete penetration. In addition, the composition and performance of the weld can be adjusted, the crystallization conditions can be improved, and the joint performance can be improved.

What are the parameters that characterize the geometry and size of the groove?

Parameters that characterize the geometry and size of the groove include root clearance, blunt edge, groove angle, groove surface angle, U-shaped root radius, etc.

For curling bevels, the parameters characterizing the geometry and size of the bevel are also the curling height and curling radius.

What are the commonly used groove forms for butt joints?

The groove forms of butt joints include single I-shaped, single-sided V-shaped, double-sided V-shaped (also called K-shaped), V-shaped, double V-shaped (also called X-shaped), J-shaped, double-shaped, and U-

shaped , double U-shaped, speaker single-sided V-shaped, speaker V-shaped, curling butt joint, etc.

What are the common groove forms for corner joints?

Commonly used forms of grooves for corner joints include I-shaped groove, exterior corner V-shaped groove, exterior corner single-sided V-shaped groove, interior corner single-sided V-shaped groove, exterior corner U-shaped groove, exterior corner J-shaped groove, interior corner J-shaped groove There are several forms such as inner corner single-sided horn V-shaped groove, trumpet V-shaped groove, inner corner single-sided horn outer corner termination, etc.

What are the commonly used groove forms for T-shaped joints?

Common grooves for T-shaped joints include I-shaped grooves, single-sided V-shaped grooves, double-sided V-shaped grooves, J-shaped grooves, and horn-shaped single-sided V-shaped grooves.

What are the commonly used groove forms for end connection joints?

Common types of grooves for end connection joints include I-shaped grooves, single-sided V-shaped grooves, V-shaped grooves, J-shaped grooves, U-shaped grooves and trumpet V-shaped grooves.

What are the commonly used groove forms for lap joints?

Common grooves for lap joints include I-shaped grooves, unilateral V-shaped grooves, J-shaped grooves, etc.


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