Entrepreneur Representatives From Wuxi Houqiao Chamber Of Commerce Visited Zhouxiang Enterprise

Houqiao chamber of commerce entrepreneur inspection activities

On may 25, 2023, the company ushered in a group of distinguished guests--wuxi city entrepreneur representative of houqiao chamber of commerce. The company leaders warmly received and cited representatives of various companies from the chamber of commerce visited the company's overall environment together.

During the visit, the leaders of the chamber of commerce listened carefully to the introduction of our company introduce, carefully understand the company's production technology, product research and development, market development provided valuable opinions and suggestions on the business development of the enterprise

In the production workshop, representatives of various companies in the chamber of commerce kept taking pictures, constantly appreciation of our company's production environment, product quality, process innovation new and other aspects to give a positive evaluation.

On the one hand, this exchange and investigation is the sharing and sharing of corporate management experience.On the one hand, is the promotion and display of the company's products. Same at that time, i hope that our company will cooperate with the chamber of commerce in the spirit of mutual help and mutual assistance progress together towards a more brilliant tomorrow.


Zhouxiang Enterprise

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