Five Characteristics Of Assembled Steel Buildings

1. Superior seismic performance

Compared with the traditional building structure, steel structure is a flexible structure, lighter self-weight, therefore, in the same fortification intensity, the same site of the building to withstand the earthquake force is smaller, bringing a corresponding weakening of the earthquake disaster, the application of steel buildings in the earthquake zone will reduce casualties and property damage, with considerable comprehensive benefits

2. Light weight and high strength


Steel structure building has the advantages of high strength and light weight, generally can reduce the weight of the building about 1/3, for example, the strength of steel G550, concrete strength grade C25, the ratio of the strength of the two, the same mass of members, the bearing capacity of the steel structure is two times the concrete; correspondingly, the same bearing capacity of the members, the weight of the steel members is half of the concrete. On the other hand, due to the light weight and high strength of the steel structure, the same weight of the building, the steel structure member cross-section is small, using the net height is large, can save the building height, the number of floors of the steel structure than the concrete on more, both increase the building area, but also bring good economic benefits.

3. Energy-saving and environmental protection


The main body of steel structure building is steel components, and the wall material is heat insulation mortar, which can not only meet the requirements for energy saving, but also can be recycled, which is a green and environmentally friendly recycling building body in line with the requirements of sustainable development. The thermal resistance value can reach about 1m of brick wall thickness. In a country with large population and high energy consumption like China, promoting the application of steel structure building is the ultimate choice.

4. Flexible layout


Increase the effective use area With steel structure, large span can be achieved without too large cross-section, which makes the building function very flexible and can be arranged flexibly according to the needs of the occupants, which is conducive to meeting the needs of modern homes and adapting to the needs of the modern construction market. Moreover, with the steel structure, the cross-section of beams and columns is smaller, which at the same time increases the usable area of the occupants.

5. High industrialization and short construction period


Steel structure building is a structural form using steel plates or sections, which are processed and made into components and then installed. A large amount of work is done in professional factories, with high production precision and short production cycle. The large number of bolts used for installation makes the construction period shorten greatly, and this advantage also makes the completed steel structure easy to dismantle, with little loss and easy to recycle.


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