How is the steel structure made?

How is the steel structure made?

Structural steel is a structural component used for bearing in buildings, steel structures such as columns, beams and girders are processed before transport to the site for erection. The process of steel structure ensure the accuracy and quality of the structure to provide the bearing capacity to bring high economic efficiency when used.


Production process of steel structure

Structural steel plays an important role in the construction of warehouse contractors, industrial contractors. It is important to ensure that the structural steel components are of high quality and quickly assembled and that they are critical to the safety and durability of the final product, reducing costs for customers and minimizing the risk of poor quality goods and ensure completion of the project progress of the works. Therefore, the process of construction and acceptance of steel structure must be carefully implemented and ensure the safety factor of the quality of the works.


The process of steel structure processing is carried out through the following steps:

Cutting steel

Cast steel is a H, C, U shape steel structure, which is usually cast from casts and of a certain size.

Combined steel consists of components such as the abdomen, the wings of the components are cut from the steel plates of the length suitable for each type of work and cut from the machine.



This is one of the steps when fabrication of steel structure, the components after being cut will be assembled into position and comply with the rules of welding steel structure.



The process of welding steel structure when building workshops or steel frame contractors need the support of automatic welding machine.

The healing paths will be examined visually and the quality of the welded joints in the steel structure process by ultrasonic machines, macro experiments.



During the construction of steel structures or welding, moving components are prone to warping, so it is necessary to perform calibration and straightening to build the pre-engineered steel building to bring the highest efficiency.


Surface cleaning and spraying

Cleaning of components is a very important task in the design of steel structure. The purpose of this is to ensure the components are clean and convenient for the process of painting the steel structure.

The content of this step is to clean the surface rust and treatment by ball blasting machine, from which to bring the highest efficiency for the process of steel structure.


The above are important steps to take to have a quality steel structure process and ensure the factors that the owner put forward.


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