Practice Social Responsibility, Zhouxiang Has Been In Action

One-heart Party Building Cooperation Project Release Conference

On July 27, "Welcome the 20th National Congress and advance to the new journey", the inauguration ceremony of the concentric party building alliance of the United Front Work System of Xishan District and the launch of the cooperation and co-construction projects were successfully held, focusing on the establishment of a number of functional party organizations of the United Front Work Group, the innovative establishment of the concentric party building alliance of the United Front Work System of the whole district and the launch of a number of cooperation and co-construction projects. Wang Mingtao, head of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee Lecture Group, Zhou Jun, fourth-level researcher of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department, Yu Bo, member of the party group and vice chairman of the Wuxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Wu Liping, member of the standing committee of the district party committee and minister of the United Front Work Department, attended the event. At the event, three concentric party building cooperation projects were also released.

Zhou Xiang participated in the construction project of happiness hut

Xu Dan, general manager of Wuxi Zhouxiang complete set Welding Equipment Co. , Ltd. , took part in the event on behalf of the enterprise, and participated in the third co-construction project: Concentric to the party, micro-light love, xishan district United front “Happy House” construction project, initiated by the United Front Work Department of the District Party Committee, focuses on the elderly united front work members who live alone in empty nests, are incapacitated, and have financial difficulties, by carrying out the project of“Little Light, love, Happy House”, mobilizing members from all fields to recognize the aging and renovation tasks of the homes of special united front objects, and making“I do practical things for the masses” deep and practical, promote the sense of gain, happiness and security of United Front members and their families.

Adoption Ceremony of "Happiness Hut"

Zhu Ping, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the CPC Xishan District District Committee, awarded the plaque to five caring claiming units, namely, the Xishan District Branch of the People's Revolution, Wuxi Huaneng Cable Co. , Ltd. , vice chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wuxi Huaneng Cable Co. , Ltd. , vice chairman of the Federation of Overseas Chinese living in Donggang, Wuxi Zhouxiang Welding Equipment Co. , Ltd. , vice chairman of the European and n Students' Association, Wuxi Xiaofeng Information Industry Research Institute Co. , Ltd. , and Xibei Town Young Entrepreneur Club.


General Manager's Social Responsibility

As a young returned entrepreneur, Xu Dan, general manager of Wuxi Zhouxiang Complete Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. has been enthusiastic about public welfare and front-line services. He has donated more than 500,000 yuan in helping the poor and needy, and has sponsored more than 10 poor students. During the epidemic, he led the company's volunteers to go to the testing site at 3:00 a.m. to support the front line; the total donation of more than 200,000 yuan, with practical action to show the social responsibility and commitment of young entrepreneurs!

Love charity sympathy activity


Recently, Xu Dan, general manager of Wuxi Zhouxiang Welding Equipment Co. , Ltd. , was awarded the 2022“Xishan District Youth May Fourth Medal”, he joined forces with Donggang's Communist Youth League and the United Front work division to carry out sympathy activities at the homes of children in distress, sending them gifts and festive wishes. On the way of charity, Zhouxiang has been moving forward!



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