Steel Structure Intelligent Welding Robot

Steel Structure Welding Robot

With the development of industrial robot technology in recent years, the level of intelligence in steel structure welding has been continuously improved. Special welding robots, welding robot workstations, collaborative welding robots, etc. are continuously used in the steel structure industry. Among them, welding robots, welding positioners, gun cleaners, control systems, etc. realize the automation of welding work.

Zhouxiang Steel Structure Intelligent Welding Robot

Zhouxiang Robot joins hands with Baichu Electronics to adopt Baichu’s teaching-free intelligent welding system, which has significant advantages in compatibility, efficiency and stability:

① Adapt to non-standard scenarios and achieve true intelligent welding: no manual programming and teaching required, adapt to non-standard, small batch, complex workpiece welding through sensor recognition and offline/online programming

② Ensure programming efficiency: Offline programming replaces manual programming, saving a lot of programming time before welding and improving welding efficiency. The system optimizes offline programs through deep learning of process data packages to further improve efficiency.

③ Ensure the stability and consistency of welding: No technical personnel are required at the production site. We can only systematically run through the welding planning, control and adjust the entire process. The welding progress and quality will not change due to changes in technical personnel.

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