Summary of common faults and treatment methods of shot blasting machine

Since shot blasting machine is a fragile equipment, it presents various problems during daily use. The following summarizes the prone problems and their solutions.


  1. Analysis of the causes of the throwing bearing problems and measures

The faults of the shot bearing during the consumption of the shot blasting machine mainly include: non-standard equipment, lack of smooth oil, fatigue and wear, and external force damage. Corresponding measures: Strictly stop the device in accordance with the standard and regularly overhaul the bearings, add lubricating oil to improve smooth conditions. The bearing body of the original throw head uses a high-pressure gun to feed the oil. It takes 3 hours to fill the smooth oil with 8 throw heads, which is not safe and wastes time. At present, each high-pressure oil pump is used to automatically refuel each of the throwing head bearing parts through a high-pressure steel wire hose. It only takes 10 minutes to fill smooth oil with 8 throwing heads, which is safe and efficient. The proper choice of lubricating oil will directly affect the service life and good mechanical properties of the shot blasting machine. Generally, the surface temperature of the throwing head bearing is not easy to exceed 60 °. The reforming sulfopolyester 1615EN is used. This grease has super resistance. Water resistance; corrosion resistance; high temperature resistance (100 ° higher than ordinary lithium-based grease); long service life. The high-efficiency axial flow fan is selected to stop the forced heat dissipation and reduce the ambient temperature of the bearing; the head body is provided with an air vent for automatic filling of smooth oil. Regularly repair impellers, blades, guards and belts to eliminate mechanical resonance caused by external forces.

2.Analysis and reasons for blade damage

The blade of the shot blasting machine is constantly impacted by most of the projectiles thrown, so the blade is the most vulnerable part of the shot blasting machine. Blade abrasion or cracking will cause the impeller to vibrate when rotating at high speed. Inspection found that the blade exhibits deep grooves or more than half of the abrasion should be replaced in time. In addition, the casting defects of the blades will also inevitably accelerate the wear of the blades. The blades with casting defects will cause the projectiles to bounce during the movement process. The bouncing projectiles in turn will have a scouring effect on the blades, which will increase the blade wear. In order to ensure the stability of the shot blasting machine, the blade change must be stopped in pairs, that is, the blades opposite to the undesired blades must be replaced at the same time to achieve a good dynamic balance. If the blades of the shot blasting machine cause the blasting head to work abnormally, replace all the blades. The blades with casting defects must not be used. Pay attention to the weight difference of a group of 8 blades when the blades are installed.

Damage and replacement of the pill wheel 

The splitting wheel is fixed on the main shaft and rotates with the impeller. The splitting wheel is a fragile part. When the splitting wheel wears more than 15 mm, it should be replaced in time. If it is continued to be used, the radial scattering angle of the projectile will increase the wear of the guard plate and reduce Liquidation effect.


3. Impeller damage and the impeller of the shot blasting machine is fixed to the separation disc by 8 bolts. In order to ensure the stability of the operation, the impeller should be regularly checked for sloshing, the roundness and the focus of the impeller disc, and found to be worn Seriously, it is necessary to change it in time. Because the impeller wears, it will form a large vibration to damage the shot blaster box and the liner. In addition, the uneven surface of the impeller and the separation disc is also easy to form a great vibration.

4. Inspection, change and modification of shot blaster seal information

There is a certain gap between the top guard of the shot blasting machine and the end guard of the side guard. To ensure that the projectile does not overflow, the outer cover of the shot blaster and the box are sealed with rubber material. Partial projectile impact rubber pads often form a gasket that penetrates a large number of overflowing projectiles, and the gasket must be changed in time. Polyurethane sheet is used instead of rubber sheet as the gasket. Polyurethane board has high elasticity, strength, excellent abrasion resistance, oil resistance, strong fatigue resistance and vibration resistance, and the application effect is good.

5. Inspection and change of the end guard and side guard The end guard and side guard of the shot blasting machine are fixed inside the shot blaster box to maintain the shot blaster box. The end guard is connected by 4 trapezoidal bolts. If it is found that the trapezoidal bolt is deformed during inspection, it should be replaced in time; if the end guard is worn or cracked or has obvious grooves, it should be replaced in time. The upper and lower separation surfaces of the side guards are severely worn or cracked, so they should be replaced in time. The bolts of the side guards of the shot blasting machine must be pressed against the outer grooves to prevent the side guards from falling.

6.The problems presented by the dust removal system and measures taken

The shot blasting machine adopts a bag type dust collector system. During the operation of the shot blasting machine, the operator cleans the dust once an hour through the handle on the dust collector, and shakes the handle more than 10 times each time. After the shot blasting machine was suspended, the operator manually opened the ash outlet at the bottom of the bag making machine to clear up the accumulated ash. Common faults and disposal methods of the bag dust collector during operation are:

1. The dust escaped from the shot blasting chamber.

1) Exhaust air conditioning due to vibration and displacement caused by lack of exhaust air volume, conditioning baffle;

2) Excessive dust accumulation in the filter bag of the dust collector results in a lack of exhaust air volume, and the filter bag is liquidated or replaced;

3) The dust collector does not remove dust as much as the internal dust accumulation, resulting in a lack of exhaust air volume, and it should be cleaned in time;

4) If the dust removal equipment is faulty, the equipment should be overhauled.

2. The dust collector does not remove or is not ideal.

1) The wiring of the dust collector fan is wrong, and the fan is reversed, so it should be reconnected;

2) The bag in the dust collector cannot be bundled firmly, damaged or short, and it should be adjusted in time;

3) The dust-proof chamber body or dust-removal pipeline is not tightly sealed, and all parts should be sealed.

4) The dust collector and the arraying mechanism are not activated or the number of activations is small. If the dust blocks the cloth bag, the dust attached to the cloth bag should be cleared in time.

7. The problems presented by the separator system and measures taken

The main function of the separator of the shot blasting machine is to separate the dust, pellets and small pellets. Too much or too little airflow in a separator is not good for consumption. When the air volume is too large, it is easy to form that the waste pills discharged from the separator contain relatively thick and usable pellets. When the air volume is lacking, it is easy to form dust and cannot be discharged normally. When the air volume is too large, the air volume conditioning valve should be adjusted to reduce the air supply volume. When the air volume is lacking,

(1) If it contains small pellets that should come in, check the separator and adjust the baffle to increase the air volume of the separator;

(2) The position of the sliding slope of the separator is off. The position of the inclined plate should be adjusted properly to expand the air volume.

(3) The total air volume of the dust collector is low, so the main valve should be adjusted to open a large air volume.