Zhouxiang first sales working conference in 2020

In the face of severe market situation and the impact of the epidemic situation, the company held the first sales working conference in 2020 on February 21. For the whole year's work, our goal remains unchanged, the task remains unchanged, and the momentum is not loose. We should not only resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control Sniper War, but also strive to achieve the goals and tasks of the whole year.

At the meeting, general manager Xu Dan made a speech on the analysis of the market economy situation in 2020, the current working status of the salesmen, the working objectives and suggestions in 2020. The downtown pressure on the economy have succeeded in carrying out an assignment. Novel coronavirus pneumonia will bring more serious impact on the market. The market environment will be more severe. We should have a clear understanding and adequate psychological preparation. Sales work is the leader of production and operation of the enterprise. We must plan carefully, do our best and not humiliate our mission.

Then, the three sales managers combined with their own work reality, put forward the 2020 work ideas. Sales is the leader of an enterprise. Leading activities are all-around activities. Only when all sales personnel stand up bravely and fight hard, can they turn pressure into power and challenge into opportunity.

After that, chairman Xu pointed out that to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic situation, we should adhere to the principle of not slacking our momentum and make every effort to do a good job in safety, production and sales. It is much easier for the first entrant to seize the market share by virtue of the advantage of pre emption. In the market, whoever develops products quickly will take the initiative in the market and be in a favorable position in the competition. On the contrary, it is in a disadvantageous position and in danger of losing its market. The sales staff of the company should take active action to overcome difficulties, take the overall situation of the company's development as their responsibility, take efficient and effective measures to open up the work situation, and make new contributions to the company's sustained and rapid development.

The first sales work conference in 2020 was successfully held in a special period, which defined the company's sales work objectives for the new year and sounded the clarion call of the company's battle for the market. All the salesmen of the company agreed that they would actively respond to the call of the company, overcome the current difficulties, innovate their working methods, actively connect with the market, and contribute more to the company's high-quality development with new achievements.