Zhouxiang Sales Conference From January To April 2023

Sales Meeting From January To April

The decisive victory lies in the present, and the future is controlled by the situation. At 13:00 on the afternoon of may 8th, the sales meeting of zhouxiang enterprise from january to april 2023 was successfully held in the large conference room on the first floor. Xu huizhong, chairman of the company, xu dan, general manager and all sales members attended the meeting.

General Manager Speech


Xu Dan, the general manager of the company, first delivered a speech. Mr. Xu analyzed the political and market economic situation at home and abroad in turn in 2023, and fully affirmed the sales performance of departments and individuals.

"The market is moving away? Or the customers?" Mr. Xu asked, analyzing the current internal and external environment in general, and specifically put forward four measures: response speed, effective communication, competitive products, and high-quality services.

Sales Manager Summary


Subsequently, the three sales managers reported the completion of the sales work from january to april and the work plan for the second quarter. In the report speech, the sales manager said: In the coming days, we will definitely intensify our work, actively expand the market, and strive to complete the various task indicators assigned by the company in 2023. At the meeting, the sales managers also conducted in-depth analysis on the problems existing in their work. Finally, the engineer gave a detailed explanation of the company's new products and new technologies.

Message From The Chairman


Finally, chairman xu pointed out: Performance is dignity, and profit is the future. As an operating entity, the company must rely on profits to maintain development, and to develop, every employee in the company needs to contribute their strength and talents.

It is impossible to say that this year's spring will be over, and next year's spring will be more beautiful. Let us work together to resolutely complete the annual sales target.


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