[Box Beam Processing Equipment]Wire Melt Type Electro-Slag Welding

Electro-slag welding machine

Electroslag welding is one of the main equipment in the box beam welding line, which is a special equipment for electroslag welding of two welding seams between the bulkhead and the bottom plate. Slag welding of box beam bulkheads is divided into two types: cantilever type and gantry type. Wire electroslag welding has high welding efficiency and low cost of use, which is suitable for the production of box beam with large quantity, but the one-time investment cost of the equipment is high.

Cantilever electro-slag welding machine


Cantilever wire electroslag welding is mainly composed of walking dolly, column, lifting mechanism, lifting skid, cross arm, dragging plate and other parts, using a special conductive tube, the welding process, the wire is constantly fed into the conductive tube constantly lifting.

Features of fused wire electroslag welding:

1) conductive tube in the welding process to be constantly lifting, electroslag welding part of the structure is complex, the conductive tube itself is also more complex structure, welding power source mostly used in Chengdu Zhenzhong welding machine, making the equipment cost much higher than the fusion nozzle type.

2) The conductive tube does not melt during the welding process, can be used many times, the use of cost reduction.

3) The use of φ1.6mm fine wire welding, the current density of the wire increased, the speed of melting wire to improve the welding efficiency.

Gantry type fused wire electroslag welding


Gantry type slag welding is mainly composed of walking beam, column, upper platform, cross beam, dragging plate, welding arm, cross fine-tuning mechanism and other parts.

The walking beam is composed of walking wheel, axle, motor reducer, etc. Two walking beams constitute a two-wheel drive system, which makes the operation smooth and reliable.

The welding arm is a square tube structure, which is connected to the trailing plate through V-rail. At the lower end of the arm, there is a cross-adjustment mechanism, which is connected to the nozzle clamping device.


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