How to control laser cutting machine speed in order to increase cutting quality?

Before using the fiber laser cutting machine, you should carefully read the equipment manual and other relevant information in order to correctly operate the equipment, and note the following:


(1) maintenance personnel must master equipment expertise or accept technical training during equipment operation,need safe operating procedures;


(2) non-professionals can not open the electric cabinet,before opening electric cabinet,general power switch must be confirmed closed before open electric cabinet,only professional maintenance personnel are allowed to open the electric cabinet,power maintenance;


(3) fiber laser cutting machine protection equipment.

laser goggles is typical protection equipment of fiber laser cutting machine, in order to prevent laser damage to the human eye,according to their protective principle,protection goggles can be divided into reflection type, absorption, diffraction and composite etc.,of course, they will filter protection according to the laser cutting machine laser radiation wavelength,in order to protect human body ,which is safer and more convenient laser cutting machine protection equipment on the market.


(4) deal with laser cutting machine radiation protection.

If the human body has sufficient health, for a little laser cutting machine radiation can be resisted. Therefore, laser cutting machine operators should pay attention to discretion to eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin A, C and protein, often drink green tea and so on. Because these foods can help better protect the human eye, so that the body can be in the laser cutting machine radiation conditions, better protection of the human body.


We also see laser cutting machine damage radiation on the human body , we do a good job of protective measures to avoid damage. Laser cutting machine is a set of environmental protection, high precision, high quality combined high-tech cutting machine, as long as do the protection, that point of damage can be negligible, as we use mobile phone and computer.