Operation method of CNC drilling machine

CNC drilling machine is developed with advanced technology by our companu, it is a main part of H beam production line and Box beam production line, used for drilling the screw holes on beam connecting plate with high productivity and precision. Following is our summary of the operation methods of CNC drilling machine:

The operator of CNC flat drill must receive professional training with the machine and carefully read the control manual.

After connecting the power supply, be sure to start the plane drill in the specified order. If you invent abnormal sound and vibration, please turn off the machine immediately and ask professional personnel to repair it.

Before starting the machine, carefully check whether all parts of the plane drill are complete, whether cables and wires are damaged, whether there are other personnel or obstacles around the machine, and whether there is ponding or oil stain in the air.

After the power supply is turned on, the plane drill shall be commissioned to observe whether the main shaft of the source can operate flexibly, whether the clamping oil cylinder and locking oil cylinder can move flexibly, and the work can be started only after inspection.

After the workpiece is placed on the workbench, it shall be close to the positioning surface of the oil cylinder, and the workpiece shall be pressed tightly with the oil cylinder, then the workbench shall be locked, and then processed.

Before processing, the processing sequence of processed parts shall be prepared, accurately misappropriated and carefully checked before processing.

During machining, the appropriate drill bit shall be selected according to the diameter of the workpiece hole, and then the feed speed of the appropriate spindle speed shall be selected.