Advantages of H beam assembly welding straightening integral machine

The H beam assembly welding straightening integral machine (also called 3 in 1 machine or integral machine) is the latest popular H beam production line currently. It combines the function of H beam assembly machine, H beam welding machine, and H beam straightening machine.

Advantages of this machine are as following:

1.Saving factory area and crane: it only need one machine’s area for 3 functions, without repeatly lifting,loading and unloading, saves the using frequency of crane.

2.Saving labor: this machine only need one operator, but can finish 3 machines’job, saving labor and expenses.

3.High productivity: this machine adopts continuous submerge arc welding directly, no need spot welding, one manufacture process is saved

4.Faster welding speed: this machine adopts single arc twin wires welding method, whos welding speed is double as tradtional gantry type welding machine.

Less maintenance: machine structure is compack, strong, reasonable and muture design.

Various application: this machine can do H beam welding, T beam welding, I beam welding, as well as asymmetical cross section.


This advanced H beam fabrication machine has become a popular mainstream product in the market.