The 31st anniversary of Zhouxiang

2021 is the 31st anniversary of Zhouxiang


We always keep up with the pace of the times


Meet difficulties and keep climbing


This is a big family full of passion and warmth


In this big family, you just rush forward


Nothing is impossible


Looking back on the footprints of the company in the past 31 years


Zhouxiang welding and cutting with his hard strength


Handed in an excellent report card


In year 1991, Wuxi special welding equipment factory established, it is the predecessor of Zhouxiang company


In year 2001, Wuxi Zhouxiang Complete Set of Welding Equipment Co Ltd established formally


In year 2006, we established Wuxi Zhouxiang Heavy Industry Science & Tecnology Co Ltd


In year 2012, we established Wuxi Zhouxiang Laser Machinery Co Ltd


In year 2017, we established Wuxi Zhouxiang Prefabricated Building New Material Co Ltd


In year 2020, we established Wuxi Zhouxiang Huachuang New Material Technology Co Ltd


After 31 years


It is inseparable from the support of all sectors of society


And the hard work of all Zhouxiang people


Think about innovation and change, and lead industry innovation


In the welding and cutting industry, intensive cultivation


Focus on customers and grow together with customers


Thanks for the accompany, Thanks for you