Welding Rotator

In the welding production process of the special vehicle, the tank body welding is inseparable from the use of the welding rotator. Before starting the operation, the staff are generally required to be familiar with the basic structure and performance of the welding rotator in order to ensure the production efficiency.

  1. Basic structure of welding rotator

1. Welding rotator is composed of one drive frame and one idle frame,and no need to make foundation, it can put on ground and use directly.

2. Drive and idle frame adopts section steel plate structure support, with good comprehensive performance and large bearing weight. After welding, the roller frame base is stress relieved to ensure no deformation after long-term use.

3. The wheels on drive frame are all synchronous power wheel. Wheel is installed in the side plate assembly. Wheel material we have PU or metal type, and has large bearing capacity and good wear resistance.

4. Each shaft hole of the driving and idle frame is clamped and processed by the boring machine at one time, with good parallelism of each axis and small displacement. The roller assembly is equipped with high-quality bearings produced by well-known domestic manufacturers. The grease used in the bearings is lithium grease with high lubrication performance


2. Working principle and application of welding rotator

The whole rotator/tank turning rollers has strong stiffness and stability, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, simple maintenance and long service life. During operation, the driving device drives the driving roller, and uses the friction between the driving roller and the cylindrical workpiece to drive the workpiece to rotate to realize displacement, which can realize the horizontal position welding of the inner and outer circumferential seams and inner and outer longitudinal seams of the workpiece, and can form auto welding center  with welding manipulator/welding column boom


The welding rotator/tank turning rollers is mainly used for cylindrical assembly and seam welding or tank welding; If the height of the driving and idle rollers is properly adjusted, the assembly and welding of the vertebral body and segmented unequal rotation body can also be carried out; For some non-circular long weldments, if they are clamped in a special annular clamp, they can also be installed and welded on the welding roller frame; There are many specifications of welding roller frame, which can also be used as equipment for detecting and assembling cylindrical workpiece with manual welding. The use of welding roller carrier can greatly improve the weld quality, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

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