The Cold Wave Is Coming, Winter Maintenance Of Laser Equipment

Recently, affected by the large-scale cold air across the country, there has been a significant cooling phenomenon in various regions. If the external environment temperature is too low, the volume expansion of water after freezing will cause irreversible damage to equipment water cooling system pipelines, optical cables, etc. Below, the editor roughly summarizes the key points of laser maintenance in winter to provide operational reference for everyone to use lasers better and more rationally under low temperature conditions.

The best environment for using laser equipment

Temperature: 25±3℃

Humidity: 80±10%

Acceptable environment for use of laser equipment

Temperature: 5-35℃

Humidity: 5-85%

The Operating Environment Of Laser Equipment In Winter Should Not Be Lower Than 5℃

1. Normal use of equipment

During normal use of the equipment, the ambient temperature should be ensured to be no less than 5 degrees Celsius to meet the normal use conditions of the equipment, avoid causing malfunctions or affecting the stability of laser performance, and avoid freezing of the laser water cooler in low-temperature environments.

1. The recommended method to prevent icing is to keep the water cooler and laser in an environment with a temperature above 5 degrees Celsius.

2. If the above conditions cannot be met, please keep the water cooler on. If the water in the pipes is always flowing, it can prevent freezing. Of course, in this case, if the water cooler is shut down for a long time due to malfunction or there is a power outage, there is also a certain risk of freezing.

3. If none of the above methods are possible, add antifreeze.

Clariant antifreeze ratio

Local temperature -42℃~-45℃ 6:4 (60% antifreeze, 40% deionized water)

Local temperature -32℃~-35℃ 11 (50% antifreeze, 50% deionized water)

Local temperature -22℃~-25℃ 4:6 (40% antifreeze, 60% deionized water)

Local temperature -12℃~-15℃ 3:7 (30% antifreeze, 70% deionized water)

How to add antifreeze to water cooler;

1. The equipment is powered off;

2. Open the drain valve of the water cooler and drain the water in the water tank;

3. Clean the water tank with clean water and empty it;

4. Remove the filter/filter element of the water cooler, clean it and install it;

5. Pour a certain amount of deionized water and a certain ratio of antifreeze into the same container, stir evenly and then pour it into the water cooler. Stop adding liquid when the water level reaches the standard scale.

2. Not using the equipment for a long time

If the equipment is not used for a long time, the water in the water tanks and pipelines of the laser and water cooler needs to be drained as much as possible. The operation steps are as follows:

1. First drain the water from the water cooler tank according to the usual method;

2. Try to drain the water inside the water cooler pipeline and laser as much as possible. Use compressed gas to ventilate the four water inlets and outlets until the water in the water cooler pipeline and the laser is drained out.

3. When reusing the equipment

When reusing the equipment, be sure to check the water cooler first. The inspection steps are as follows:

1. Before starting up, check the external power cord of the water cooler to see if it is damaged.

2. Add pure water before starting the machine to ensure that the water level of the water cooler is normal.

3. For water-cooled machines with antifreeze added, please pay attention to replacing the normal cooling water after winter. Before changing the water, please completely flush the antifreeze in the entire water tank, laser and pipes, and then change the water normally.


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