How Does A Welding Robot Detect The Quality Of Welding?

Welding robots are automated intelligent equipment used for welding production operations. In on-site welding applications in factories, welding robots can significantly improve welding efficiency, clarify the production cycle of products, and stabilize welding quality while increasing welding speed. Many customers say that the welding quality of welding robots is good, so what are the welding quality standards for testing welding robots?

1. Observe the welding quality of the surface of the welding parts of the welding robot

1> The welding robot actually has an intelligent welding system, which can be completed independently in the computer through offline programming. You only need to set the motion trajectory, welding gun position, welding parameters, etc. of the welding robot. During welding, the visual sensor can intelligently identify the position and location of the weld seam. specifications, place appropriate welding materials, and have good weld filling.

2> After cooling the weld, the operator can observe the filling degree of the weld with the naked eye in the next step. A well-formed weld shows that the surface of the weld after welding is higher than the surface of the weldment, the welding ripples are smooth and beautiful, and there are no welds. Welding defects such as weld nodules, cracks, weld penetration, pores, and no spatter on the surface of the weldment appear.


2. Non-destructive testing of welding seams by welding robots

How does a welding robot detect the quality of welding?

Welding robot weld flaw detection can perform penetration testing without damaging the weld. Various detection methods are different. At this time, you can choose according to the material of the weldment and the specifications of the weld, so as to detect the weld. repair rate.

1> Radiographic flaw detection method: The radiation emitted by X and Y rays penetrates the weld, and the image of defects inside the weld is displayed on the radiographic film.

2> Ultrasonic flaw detection method: pulse vibration is generated through instantaneous electrical excitation, coupling agent is applied to the surface of the weld, and the coupling medium is used to form ultrasonic waves in the metal. When the ultrasonic waves encounter defects, they will emit reflected signals. This method is consistent with the ultrasonic testing of medical institutions. The principle is the same.

3> Magnetic flaw detection method: Sprinkle magnetic powder on the surface of the weld, and use magnetic materials to react with defects. If welding defects are found, a leakage magnetic field will appear.


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