Why Do Some People Need Argon Arc Welding Primer During The Welding Process?

There is no difference in process between full argon arc welding and argon arc welding primer. Full argon arc welding is suitable for thin-walled small diameter pipes (generally DN60 and below, wall thickness 4mm) and below, in order to ensure the quality and appearance of the weld root.

When the pipe diameter is large and the wall thickness is thick, argon arc welding should be used to base the manual welding cover surface. The purpose of manual welding cover surface is that for large pipe diameters, manual welding can ensure the appearance quality and the work efficiency is higher than argon arc welding, and the cost Lower than TIG welding.

The argon arc welding primer welding process is used in the welding of the water wall, superheater, economizer, etc. of the boiler. The quality of the joints is excellent. After radiographic flaw detection, the welding seam grades are all above Level II.

Advantages of argon arc welding primer

(1)Good quality

As long as the appropriate welding wire, welding process parameters and good gas protection are selected, the root can get good penetration, the penetration will be uniform, and the surface will be smooth and neat. There are no defects such as welding nodules, incomplete penetration, dents, pores and slag inclusions that are easily produced during arc welding with ordinary electrodes.

(2) High efficiency

In the first layer of pipe welding, manual argon arc welding is continuous arc welding. Rod arc welding is interrupted arc welding, so manual argon arc welding can increase efficiency by 2 to 4 times. Because argon arc welding does not produce welding slag, there is no need to clean the slag and repair the weld bead, and the speed increases faster. In the second layer of arc welding cover, the smooth and neat argon arc welding base layer is very conducive to the arc welding cover and can ensure good fusion between layers. Especially in the welding of small diameter pipes, the efficiency is more significant.

(3)Easy to master

The welding of the root seam of manual arc welding must be performed by experienced welders with a high technical level. Manual argon arc welding is used as the base. Generally, workers engaged in welding work can basically master it after a short period of practice.

(4) Small deformation

The heat-affected zone is much smaller during argon arc welding, so the deformation of the welded joint is small and the residual stress is also small.


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