Section Steel Laser Secondary Processing Line Helps Steel Structure Companies To Produce Efficiently

Section Steel Laser Secondary Processing Line

Traditional steel structure processing

As the market application of H-shaped steel becomes more mature, competition becomes more and more fierce. Traditional steel structure processing is mainly performed by workers for cutting, welding and assembly. Its production efficiency and quality are limited by the skills and experience of workers. At the same time, the cost of traditional processing models is gradually increasing, and it can no longer meet the needs of the modern construction industry. How to go further in the numerous competitions in the same industry and bring greater challenges to the company's production process and cost control?


Section steel laser secondary processing line


In order to improve this situation, current steel structure processing equipment is transforming into automated, digital and intelligent manufacturing. Zhouxiang has conducted in-depth research on the processing pain points and difficulties in the steel structure industry, and launched a targeted H-shaped steel laser cutting solution—shaped steel laser secondary processing line.

Characteristics of Zhouxiang equipment


The steel laser secondary processing line is a high-tech product integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, intelligent detection, and three-dimensional five-axis CNC technology.


1. Automatic cutting, hole cutting, engraving, marking, marking, beveling, and locking of section steel can be done by machine;

2. Possess fine hole cutting technology;

3. Support various overlapping forms and bevel cutting processes;

4. Support TEKLA steel structure 3D modeling data file cutting.


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