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Hot Work Risks

What is hot work

Hot work refers to non-routine operations that may generate flames, sparks and hot surfaces in fire-free areas other than process equipment that directly or indirectly generate open flames, such as operations using electric welding, gas welding (cutting), blowtorches, electric drills, grinding wheels, etc. .


Hot work "ten not to do"

1. No special operation certificate, no welding and cutting

Welders must hold a certificate to work, and those without a certificate are not allowed to carry out welding and cutting operations.

2. There are no reliable safety measures for rainy and open-air operations, and no welding and cutting

Rainy days are likely to cause slippery feet, slipping or falling. At the same time, the resistance of the human body is small in rainy days, and it is easy to get an electric shock.

3. Containers that have been filled with flammable, explosive and hazardous substances have not been thoroughly cleaned, have not been tested for flammable concentrations, and do not weld and cut

Toxic and harmful gases may be produced inside the container, and welding operations without cleaning may lead to poisoning or fire accidents.

4. There is no 12-volt low-voltage lighting and poor ventilation when working in the container, and no welding and cutting

When the lighting is insufficient, misoperation or other safety hazards are prone to occur. Toxic and harmful gases and smoke will be produced during the welding process, and poisoning accidents are prone to occur in the case of poor ventilation.

5. There is no power failure in the equipment, the equipment is not depressurized, and there is no welding and cutting

If the equipment is welded without power off, electric shock accidents may occur. If the pressure vessel is welded without depressurization, gas or liquid may be ejected easily.

6. There are flammable and explosive materials around the work area that have not been cleaned up, and no welding or cutting

Inflammable and explosive items are not cleaned up and are easily ignited by sparks.

7. The nature of the weld body is unclear, and the direction of sparks is unknown, so there is no welding and cutting

The nature of the welding object is unknown, and unforeseen accidents are prone to occur.

8. The equipment safety accessories are incomplete or invalid, no welding and cutting

The welding handle wire, grounding wire, welding tongs of the electric welding machine, the tempering valve on the acetylene bottle, the fusible plug and other accessories are important facilities to ensure the safety of welding and cutting operations.

9. There is no special supervision, no protective measures, no welding and cutting in boilers, containers and other equipment

When welding and cutting in a limited space or a confined space, special personnel must be alerted and supervised so as to deal with it in time when a dangerous situation occurs.

10. No safety measures have been taken in the fire ban area, no fire procedures have been completed, no welding and cutting

The fire risk level in the fire ban area is high, and the welding and cutting operations in the fire ban area are generally subject to a (three-level) approval system.


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