How To Maintain Laser Cutting Machine In High Temperature Environment

What to pay attention to when using cutting machines in summer

In the face of continuous high temperature and intense heat and frequent rainfall, laser cutting machines will inevitably break down during use.

Scientifically maintaining the laser cutting machine can not only avoid some minor faults, improve cutting efficiency, but also improve the service life of some accessories. Today we will answer your doubts from the aspects of laser anti-condensation, equipment maintenance cycle, etc.!

Laser prevents condensation

In a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, care should be taken to prevent condensation on the laser, because condensation will cause damage or even failure of the electrical and optical components of the laser. Thereby reducing the performance of the laser and even causing damage to the laser.

Laser Environmental Conditions

In order to avoid condensation on the laser, it is best to equip the laser with a dedicated air-conditioned room, and the best setting is "23°C in dehumidification state".

Working environment temperature: laser working environment limit temperature range: 10°C-40°C

Working environment humidity: Laser working environment limit humidity range: 10°C-85°C

Condensation inside and outside the laser without air conditioner:

Solution: Stop working immediately to avoid damage to laser components

Condensation in the internal and external environment of the laser with its own air conditioner

Below 38°C, pay attention to the condensation on the laser shell; above 38°C, pay attention to the condensation inside and outside the laser, avoid heat sources around, and the hot air outlet of the water cooler cannot face the laser.

When the season changes or the temperature of the day changes greatly, if the laser cutting machine does not process normally, you can check whether the environment in the processing head is dewed. In case of condensation, it is recommended to add an evaporator between the gas source and the processing head to keep the gas temperature close to the ambient temperature and reduce the risk of condensation.

Condensation Can Cause Serious Damage To Optical Lenses

(1) The cooling temperature is lower than the ambient dew point temperature, which will cause condensation on the inner wall of the processing head and optical lenses.

(2) The use of auxiliary gas whose temperature is lower than the ambient dew point will cause rapid dew condensation on the optical lens.

Maintenance Of Water Chiller

The dew condensation of the laser in summer is closely related to the operating status of the water cooler, so the first point to prevent condensation is to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the water cooler. The specific cycle can be implemented as follows——

1 Before turning on the laser, check whether the cooling water link is normal and whether the water level is within the specified scale. If the water level is lower than the warning line, add cooling water

2 Once every two days, check the water pipe interface for leaks, bends, blockages and other abnormal phenomena

3 Once a month, check whether the cooling water of the water cooler is polluted, and replace the cooling water in time if polluted

4. Once a day, check whether the air inlet and outlet of the water chiller are well ventilated to ensure that the chiller is used in a well-ventilated environment

5. Regularly replace the circulating cooling water of the water cooler once a month. It is recommended to use pure water or distilled water

6Regularly remove and wash the dust-proof net of the water cooler once every two weeks

7 Regularly clean the dust on the condenser of the water cooler once every two weeks

8January one entry If the water cooler has a filter, the filter element of the filter needs to be replaced regularly

Pay attention to the switch sequence

Summer is the season with high incidence of laser cutting machine failures. The statistical results show that most of the laser failures of the cutting machine are closely related to the user's operation sequence and the equipment operating environment.

When the ambient temperature is higher than 25°C in summer, please remind the customer to switch on and off in the following order——

1. Boot sequence:

First turn on the main power of the laser (the laser does not emit light), so that the air conditioner starts to work for cooling; when the internal temperature of the laser drops to about 25°C (about half an hour), then turn on the water cooler and start the laser to work.

2. Shutdown sequence:

Please turn off the laser switch first, and then turn off the water cooler after about 5 minutes.

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