High speed CNC cutting machine using and maintenance

The demand for H beam production line in modern architecture is huge, CNC cutting machine is one of the essential cutting and blanking equipment. It can use oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, and strip cutting.


The following points should be noted in daily use:

  1. The dust on the torches and guide rails must be cleaned every working day. Turn off the gas and electrical power supply, and then drain the residue and gas from the machine pipe.

  2. Lubricate the guide rails and machine frame

  3. If leave the machine for a long time, you should turn off the power


Other care and maintenance:

  1. Check if nozzle broken and change on time

  2. Keep the machine clean, and lubricate the guide rail, gear and rack

  3. Check the precision of guide wheel.

  4. Check the gas pipe path, change every year.

  5. Check limit switches and solenoid valves regularly to prevent accidents

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