Intelligent Manufacturing丨zhouxiang Robot Welding Workstation

Zhouxiang Intelligent Robot Workstation

With the continuous development of the domestic welding robot market, domestic domestic intelligent welding manufacturers have emerged and gradually become important players in the market. With the support of national policies, Zhouxiang Enterprise conducted in-depth on-site inspections of enterprises and customized intelligent robot workstations for customers.


1. Stand-Alone Intelligent Workstation


Unique appearance, hollow structure arms and wrists, built-in welding cables, compact structure, can be used for welding operations in narrow spaces, light weight, dust-proof and drip-proof, high safety, equipped with body cover, can be used in various harsh conditions with confidence It has a large environmental working space, fast running speed, and high repeat positioning accuracy. It is suitable for welding applications that have high requirements on weld quality.

Parameter performance

Applicable scenarios: Suitable for gusset plates, brackets, corbels and other parts, small structural parts

Equipment specifications: 1.2*1.2*1m3

Total power: 15.5KW4.

Maximum working range: 2*1.2*0.3M5.

Average welding efficiency: 60m~90m/day (different structure types)

2. Ground Rail Intelligent Workstation


The ground-rail intelligent workstation is equipped with the welding vision system 2.0. This technology does not require a workpiece model or manual interaction. As long as the operator finds the location where the workpiece is photographed, it can automatically find all parts of the workpiece that need to be welded, automatically match the welding process, and automatically Identify the precise location of the weld and generate a welding program for welding.

Parameter performance

Applicable scenarios: Suitable for H-shaped steel beams, columns, bridges, ship panels and other components

Equipment specifications: 6*1*1.2 meters

Total power: 17KW

Maximum working range: 6.5*1.2*0.3M5.

Average welding efficiency 160m~220m/day (different structure types)

3. Gantry Type Intelligent Workstation


1) Integrated Zhouxiang intelligent operating system, simple and convenient operation:

2) It can be model-driven or work using visual interaction mode;

3) The track length can be customized according to the product, and the user determines the required track length according to the length of the workpiece, making the application more flexible;

4) The gantry carries a set of robots covering a width of 2.5 meters.

The intelligent workstation is suitable for welding, cutting, and grinding of steel structure beams, steel columns, equipment platform beams, equipment brackets, and box columns. The standard model of the gantry seven-axis intelligent workstation can accommodate workpieces with a maximum length of 24 meters (the specific length is determined by the customer). The advantage of the gantry is that it can hoist workpieces to the workstation in batches, saving lifting time.

Parameter performance

Applicable scenarios: Welding of H-shaped steel beams, columns, bridge plates and other long (width less than 2.5 meters) structural parts

Equipment specifications: 5 meters * 4 meters (length optional)

Total power: 30KW

Maximum working range: 22*05*045M

The average welding efficiency is 160 meters to 220 meters/day (different structure types)


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