Diaphragm assembly machine
Diaphragm assembly machine is special used on the box beam line. It is composed of support part, overturn table, positioning plate, pneumatic press part, overturn motor reducer, gas circuit and control system.
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Product Description


Technical Functions:

This machine is a special equipment for the assembly and welding of the diaphragm of box girder. Cylinder is used to press and position when assembling, then spot welding is carried out. After welding one side, working table can turn 180 degrees electrically to horizontal position of another side to weld. Workpiece can be removed by releasing the cylinder after assembling and welding finish.

Product Parameters:

Working table overturning degree±180°
Working table load capacity1500kg
Work-piece size300~1200mm
Diaphragm thickness20-80mm
Overturning speed1.5r/min
Motor power0.75kw

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