End Face Milling Machine
End face milling machine is used to weld or milling the end face of H-section steel and box steel. This machine has advantages of convenient operation, simple structure and quick adjustment.
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Product Description


Product Introduction:

Model DX1215 face milling machine is composed of machine body, sliding table, stand column, elevating table,milling head,electrical control system etc. 
The machine body is of welding structure, annealing treatment. It has the characteristic of high intensity, small deformation. The machine body rail, one is rectangle rail which has big capacity, and one is V-type rail which has high precision. The slipway is casting steel stricture which has good wear resistance. The slipway rail and machine body rail has good cooperation precision after grinding.

Technology Parameter:

Horizontal stroke (mm)1500
Horizontal feed speed (mm/min)54.8~548
Horizontal backward speed (mm/min)822
Horizontal feed motor power (kw)P=3Kw/4Kw; 960/1500rpm
Elevating stroke (mm)1200
Vertical feed speed (mm/min)53~530
Vertical feed motor power (kw)P=1.5kW; 1400rpm
Milling head main shaft turning speed (r/min)80~400
Milling motor power (kw)5.5
Main shaft expansion capacity (mm)70
Milling knife diameter (mm)200



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