Light Duty H Beam Assembling Machine
H beam assembly machine is the third step of the H beam production line. It is specific for hydraulic automatic centering. It makes two plates into T and I shape. A PLC controller in the H Beam assembling machine controls the clamping, positioning and alignment at a spot that causes high efficiency and speed accuracy.
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Product Description


Technical Parameter

Web Height200-1500mm200-1800mm
Web Thickness6-40mm6-40mm
Flange Width200-800mm200-1000mm
Flange Thickness6-40mm6-40mm
Work-piece Length4000-15000mm
Assembly Speed0..5-6m/min
Main Machine Power5.5KW
Hydraulic Station Power4KW

Detailed introduction

      1.The material of pressing wheel, guiding wheel and main transmission wheel is 40Cr, with high 

    frequency quenching process on the surface, has the advantages of good abrasion resistance 

 and long service time. The main transmission wheel uses integral forging process with good 

    pressure resistance and high abrasion resistance. 


   2.The automatic centering of flange and web plateadopts hydraulic motor and gear, with high 

   centering precision and good retentivity. All of the operation are centralized on the electric 

 control button panel, with easy and convenient operation and precise positioning.


 3.The main transmission part adopts cycloid pinwheel and Taiwan TAIAN brand inverter, the 

   assembly speed can be adjusted between 0.5—6 M/min.


 4.It adopts synchronous clamping system to realize flange and web primary centering, which 

can fundamentally slow down and avoid the phenomenon of H beam tail wagging during 



5.This machine adopts centralized lubrication system, it can ensure that the wide distributed 

   lubrication points can be lubricated well, and realize the purpose of good lubrication, reducing 

   abrasion and prolong service life of the equipment.



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