Ground Rail Type Welding Robot
H-Beam Ground Rail Welding Robot Suitable for gusset plates, corbel parts, small structural parts, etc. It can currently be used in H-Beam main beams and secondary beams of steel structures, small and medium-sized plate units of ship bridges, equipment H-Beam columns,
equipment platform beams and other structures.
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Unique appearance, hollow structure arms and wrists, built-in welding cables, compact structure, can be used for welding operations in narrow spaces, light weight, dust-proof and drip-proof, high safety, equipped with body cover, can be used in various harsh conditions with confidence It has a large environmental working space, fast running speed, and high repeat positioning accuracy. It is suitable for welding applications that have high requirements on weld quality.

Robot1 set of Zhouxiang robot
Optional welding power sourceAotai welding machine and its accessories or Megmeet welding machine and its accessories
Welding systemZhouxiang teaching-free offline programming welding software, Mingtu line laser tracking
Applicable scenariosSuitable for gusset plates, corbel parts, small structural parts, etc. It can currently be used in H-shaped main beams and
secondary beams of steel structures, small and medium-sized plate units of ship bridges, equipment H-shaped steel columns,
equipment platform beams and other structures.
Gun cleaning systemSC220A gun cleaning system
Ground rail length6 meters (optional according to user)

Robot Operation Process


Robot Introduction

The robot wrist adopts a hollow structure, and the surrounding forearms and five-axis wrists are equipped with built-in wiring channels. The welding gun can rotate 360° without tangling the lines. Compared with the traditional external structure welding gun, the spatial movement range is larger and the operation is more flexible, achieving Optimization of performance and energy efficiency. Application areas: special for welding (gas shielding, argon arc, laser, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel)

Optional robot modelsZXR12-2010ZXR10W-1440-D
Number of axes6 axes6 axes
Movement radius2010mm1440mm
Protection levelJ1, J2 axis IP56 (J3, J4, J5, J6 axis IP67)J1, J2 axis IP56 (J3, J4, J5, J6 axis IP67)
Installation methodfloor-standing/bracket type/upside-down typefloor-standing/bracket type/upside-down type
Power capacity4.5KVA4.5KVA
Input/output signalstandard 16 in/16 out 24VDCstandard 16 in/16 out 24VDC
Robot weight313KG210KG
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.05±0.05
CP350V laser tracker
CP350V is an intelligent line scanning welding seam sensor. It obtains the contour information of the welding seam section through line laser scanning, and guides the robot or welding machine to automatically complete the welding. The image acquisition, processing and welding seam identification functions are completed inside the sensor without the need for an external computer. It has high integration and reduces the overall hardware cost of the system. Resistant to arc light and spatter, intelligently identifies weld seams, and is easy to operate. It has an exquisite structure, compact size, high accessibility, and rich types. It can be selected and used according to the application scenario, and the most suitable parameters can be customized.


Gun Clearing System

The SC220A gun cleaning station is a device for cleaning robot welding guns. It is used to automatically clean the welding slag of the welding gun during robot welding, automatically cut wires, and protect the welding gun nozzle and contact tip, extending the service life of the welding gun and saving money. Reduce consumable costs, maintain good welding quality, and improve welding efficiency. Simple operation and easy to use.

Advantages of gun cleaning stations: 1. The gun clearing time is short and the system availability is high. 2. Automatically complete the gun cleaning process without manual operation. 3. Prevent quality problems caused by contamination during welding. 4. Equipped with robot TCP calibration needle.


Robot welding software

The software can automatically extract welds from drawings without weld marking, reducing the workload of manual participation. With the high-performance 3D engine and robot controller, the automatically created points are simulated and verified to avoid collisions in actual work.


1.Supports teaching-free for various products such as sandwich panels, truss beams, bracket, bridge partitions, and panel stands;
2.There is no need to mark welds at the design stage, and the target weld position can be automatically extracted by importing 3D drawings;
3.No human intervention is required, the robot automatically completes actions such as zero return, transition, position finding, welding, counting, and gun cleaning;
4.No on-site operation is required, the program can be generated at any time and place, and remotely sent to the robot for production according to the specified time;
5.Self-developed offline programming, 1:1 simulation of robot movements, avoids robot interference in advance and avoids collisions;

6.Digital twin technology can display on-site robot trajectory, welding voltage, current, speed and other production information in real time.

Software Operation Process



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