Steel Structure Gantry Welding Robot
This equipment is a special welding robot for steel structures tailor-made for automated production in steel structure factories.
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This equipment is a special welding robot for steel structures tailor-made for automated production in steel structure factories.

1. The equipment is mainly composed of: guide rail parts, gantry parts, robot adjustment parts, electric control box parts, welding power supply parts, etc.

2. The gantry components mainly consist of a driving end frame, a cross beam, an adjusting frame, etc. The driving end beam, cross beam and adjusting frame all adopt box beam welding structure, and then undergo stress relief treatment after welding. The structure is compact and the appearance is beautiful.

3. The active driving end beam of the whole machine uses a Japanese Panasonic AC servo driver and motor to drive a Japanese SHIMPO reducer, and then through a rack and pinion transmission, a horizontal guide wheel is installed on the side of the driving end beam. The guide wheel can be pressed against the guide rail by adjusting its eccentric shaft, thereby ensuring the stability and accuracy of the entire machine operation.

4. The moving guide rails of the cart are all made of 38KG/M. The outer sides of the guide rails are equipped with precision-machined racks. The rack is made of 45 steel with a module of 2.0. Adopt bilateral drive method. The guide rails are fixed through pressure plate backing plates. This installation method can ensure important technical parameters such as longitudinal straightness and parallelism of the two guide rails.



Maximum Length Of Work Piece11M
Flange Width2.5M
Gantry moving rail gauge2800 mm
Gantry moving motor power2x0.75 kW
Gantry moving welding speed100-1000 mm/min

Equipment composition:

Welding Robot
The FANUC welding robot produced in Japan is used. The specific robot parameters are as follows.


CP350V laser tracker
CP350V is an intelligent line scanning welding seam sensor. It obtains the contour information of the welding seam section through line laser scanning, and guides the robot or welding machine to automatically complete the welding. The image acquisition, processing and welding seam identification functions are completed inside the sensor without the need for an external computer. It has high integration and reduces the overall hardware cost of the system. Resistant to arc light and spatter, intelligently identifies weld seams, and is easy to operate. It has an exquisite structure, compact size, high accessibility, and rich types. It can be selected and used according to the application scenario, and the most suitable parameters can be customized.


Welding Power Source

Using Megmeet CM500 welding power source: a fully digital industrial heavy-duty CO2/MAG/MMA intelligent welding machine. It is widely used in various carbon steel welding processing fields: rail transit, automobile, shipbuilding, steel structure, container, machinery, hardware and other industries, as well as industrial heavy-load and harsh environment operations.


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