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Product Introduction:

Fused wire electroslag welding uses a special conductive tube, and the welding wire is continuously fed into the conductive tube for continuous lifting during the welding process. Features of fused wire electroslag welding: 1) The conductive tube needs to be continuously improved during the welding process. The electroslag welding part has a complex structure, and the conductive tube itself has a complex structure, making the equipment cost much higher than the fused nozzle type. 2) The conductive tube does not melt during the welding process, and can be used multiple times, reducing the use cost. 3) Adoption φ Welding with 1.6 mm thin welding wire increases the current density of the welding wire, accelerates the melting speed of the welding wire, and improves the welding efficiency.

Technology Parameter:

Workpiece Size300~1200 mm
Trolley gauge1000 mm
Walking speed6 m/min
Traveling motor power0.55KW
Effective welding length17000mm

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