Cantilever Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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This machine is composed of a trolley, a welding arm, a welding gun mechanical tracking device, a pneumatic system, an electrical control system, a flux delivery and recovery system, and a submerged arc welding power supply. Mainly used for submerged arc welding of box girders. The submerged arc welding of box girders can be carried out in two forms: single arc single wire and double arc double wire. Single arc and single wire configuration is flexible, which can be equipped with domestic submerged arc welding power sources or imported submerged arc welding power sources; Double arc and double wire can improve welding efficiency, generally equipped with Lincoln DC-1000 and AC-1200 submerged arc welding power sources.

Workpiece Size300-1200mm
Welding Speed0.3-1.5m/min
Return Speed3m/min
Trolley Gauge1400mm
Air Supply Pressure0.4-0.8Mpa

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