Column and Boom Welding Machine
This machine is mainly used for welding metal pipe. It can be 3 in 1 controlled with welding power source, rotator or positioner to weld the longitudinal seam and circumferential seam, as well as pipe flanges. Welding method can be submerge arc welding, argon arc welding, and gas shielded welding.
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1. This series of welding manipulator has several types for choosing: fixed type, fixed with rotating type, moving with rotating type, etc.

2. The welding manipulator can be 3 in 1 controlled together with welding power, welding rotator or positioner according to users’ requirement.

3. The column and boom adopts welding parts which adopts tempering post welding, then carry out fine machining which can ensure higher precision requirement.

4. Boom adopts square rail, horizontal stretch and retract adopts gear and rack transmission with high precision and stability.

5. There’s safety falling protective device for boom elevating, which can effectively prevent the boom falling problem occurs.

6. There’s cross slider for the welding torch equipped in front of the boom to realize welding torch cross adjust for going up, down, left, right.

7. There’s ladder on the column (heavy duty type), which is convenient for maintenance. Also it is equipped with the platform which is convenient for placing the welders.

8. It can be equipped with wireless remote control box according to users’ requirement, which is convenient for operation.


Our manipulators are developed to upgrade your fabrication throughput, and augment the quality of your weld production. Enhance your automated welding processes for inner, outer, circumferential and longitudinal welding applications with our  welding manipulators.We supply machines for a range of manufacturing environments; from pipe fabrication shops to tanker assembly lines, We provide the best manipulator solution to suit your project requirements.

8*65*6        4*53.5*5      3*42*2
Effective stroke of vertical boom-mm800050004000350030002000
Effective stroke of cross boom mm600060005000500040002000
Suitable diameter of cylinder-mm1000-80001000-50001000-4000700-3500700-3000500-2000
Rotating angle of the vertical boom±180°±180°±180°±180°±180°±180°(by manual)
Up and down speed of cross boom-m/min0.911110.3
Expansion speed of cross boom-m/min0.12-1.20.12-1.20.12-1.20.12-1.20.12-1.20.12-1.2
Forward and backward speed of the trolley-m/min1.
The center distance of the trolley track-mm23081780178017801500900


A1: Hard-surfaced rails can withstand enormous pressure.The guide rail surface is not deformed, makes the boom move smoothly, ensuring that the equipment still has high precision and safety after long-term use.


A2: Through the configuration of cross-slider, welding oscillator, welding seam tracker, arc voltage height regulator and other welding devices, high-precision welding seam forming can be realized.


A3: Electrical control adopts imported French Schneider inverter and remote control box operation, motors and control box with IP54 protection against dust and heavy rain.

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