Turning Table
Turning table can rotating the work-piece along its vertical axis. It is widely used in welding, overlaying welding and cutting, and has the function of easy operating, high efficiency, safety and reliable and low cost. It is composed of base, bearing base, rotating mechanism, table and control system. The slewing bearing has low gravity and is easy to unload the work-piece. Whole machine is compact
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1) The worktable is made of structural steel, which is formed by welding plates and processed as a whole.

2)  With the center of the circle, the claw-shaped table is engraved with a depth of 0.5mm at intervals of 100mm to facilitate the installation of the workpiece.

3) The worktable is fixed on the toothed slewing bearing to ensure stable bearing and rotation; the heavy-duty professional slewing body with gear ring has large bearing capacity and high rotation accuracy.

4) The base is welded by section steel and steel plate, the frame structure, the force is even, and the force-bearing parts are also strengthened;

5) After the worktable is welded, it is annealed and the stress is relieved before overall finishing.

6) The driving pinion of the slewing drive device meshes with the ring gear of the slewing body to drive the working plate to rotate;

7) The drive reducer adopts the combined form of worm gear reducer, the worm gear reducer is the latter stage, so the reducer has good self-locking performance;

8) The drive pinion is made of 45 steel forgings, quenched and tempered to meet high-strength requirements;

9) The rotating speed of the worktable adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation to meet welding requirements.

10) The control system includes: a main control cabinet and a hand control box. The hand control box is connected to the control cabinet with a 10-meter line. The hand control box can be used to operate the equipment at different positions of the equipment;Long-term stable operation under the power supply system of 400V±10%, three-phase, 50Hz±1 network voltage.

Max loading Tons15102050100
Table diameter mm120015001800200022002200
Working speed rpm0.1-10.05-0.50.05-0.50.02-0.20.015-0.150.015-0.15
Motor power Kw0.751.
Machine height mm6506507007508501100





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